Main services of IndEx

  • Ex personnel competency trainings, assessment and certification
  • IECEx, ATEX owner’s engineering
  • Ex engineering services
  • Ex 3rd party validation services
  • Ex compliance services

Ex personnel competency trainings, assessment and certification

  • IECEx RTP (Recognised Training Provider)
  • approved assessment and certification center on behalf of TSI Australia
  • awareness trainings
  • trainings for tertiary explosion protection
  • ExAM training provider
      • independent Ex personnel competency methodology for both theoretical and practical skills
      • inHouse Ex personnel Competency System
      • ExAM Online Tool
      • both related to person and/or company
      • as per training module accepts other training concepts, and you may only go for assessment and certification
      • ExAM owned by ExNB Certification Institute
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IECEx, ATEX owner’s engineering

  • GCC local expertise

Ex engineering services

  • hazardous area classification
  • ignition hazard assessment
  • inspections (initial, detailed, close, visual, and audit)

Ex 3rd party validation services

  • According ISO 17020
  • Inspection parameters include matters of quantity, quality, safety, fitness for purpose, and continued safety compliance of installations or systems in operation. The general requirements with which these bodies are required to comply in order that their services are accepted by clients and by supervisory authorities are harmonized in this International Standard.
  • Examination of materials, products, installations, plants, processes, work procedures or services, and the determination of their conformity with requirements and the subsequent reporting of results of these activities to clients and, when required, to authorities. Inspection can concern all stages during the lifetime of these items, including the design stage. Such work normally requires the exercise of professional judgement in performing inspection, in particular when assessing conformity with general requirements.

Ex compliance services

  • Ex product is a must have for all hazardous area industries. International Ex certification shall be locally recognized, and local maufacturers shall be enabled to comply with local regulations.
  • Ex service facilities are the proof of evidence to deliver Ex compliance:
    • Hazardous area classification
    • Selection of Ex equipment and design of Ex installations
    • Ex installation and initial inspection
    • Ex inspection and maintenance
    • Repair, overhaul and reclamation of Ex equipment
  • Ex site surveillance is a 3rd party tool to identify and control Ex site compliance longterm to the best interest of site owner and operation.