IECEx CoPC – Certification of Personnel Competence

Course and Unit Syllabus

Working in hazardous areas. Our main objective - Safety

In Hazardous Areas with explosion-proof (Ex) equipment, even small mistakes can cause fatal explosions & fires.
Safe operation in explosive atmospheres requires specialized competencies for everyone from procurement to operations & maintenance, to construction, & even management.
In order to prevent unnecessary accidents and to work more safely, the workers who perform the work must acquire appropriate safety knowledge and skilled explosion-proof technology. IECEx CoPC is a certification that is directly certified by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), which is used both domestically and globally. All explosion-proof certifications are certified based on IEC 60079 made by IEC.


Our training experts are available worldwide, via classroom, webinar, or e-learning.

IndEx delivers a range of training and education programs designed to provide every corporate level with the appropriate tools to understand safe operations in explosive atmospheres. Our courses and customized training programs can significantly reduce potential reworks, including cost & schedule overruns. By having the required knowledge to ensure compliance and most importantly, SAFETY, all stakeholders are now able to identify & mitigate potential risks.


IndEx can provide assessments worldwide, if you have a group of candidates please contact us and we will work on a solution to suit your requirements.
IndEx also provides assessment-only options for IECEx, ATEX, and EEHA competencies.
Our mobile training center is available in most regions for on-site training & assessment

In-House Training & Competency Solutions

We also provide the creation of the In-House Training & Competency Program or a VOC (Verification of Competency) Programs, to address the unique needs of your own organization..

Contact us to discuss custom training.

Module Packages for Unit Selection Options - Training & Certification

Note – We highly suggest the following Training and/or Certification options. Alternative requests may be assessed on a case by case basis. Please select – from "Module Package" – which Training and/or Assessment you are looking for (e.g. Technician, Inspector, Ex Design, Classification). Each type has a stand-alone course but may have a requirement to take Ex 001.

Signing up for a packaged course provides the following benefits:

  • Training with Assessment ensures greater success of all candidates
  • Classroom and Examination Days can be extended base on clients’ needs to ensure great success of all candidates
  • A significant discount on taking each course separately
  • The advantage of obtaining all prerequisites and the desired level in one bundled course
  • If you choose the bundled courses you will only be charged one set of fees, rather than 2 if you take the courses individually.

Please note – contact us at to schedule all your training and assessment needs

  • Module Package 000

    • IECEx CoPC Unit Ex000 (Options – Glanding or EHT [Heat Tracing])
    • Role / PositionEveryone
  • Module Package A

    • IECEx CoPC Unit Ex001
    • Role / PositionEveryone- Foundations / Apply Basics
  • Module Package B

    • IECEx CoPC Unit Ex001, 003, 006 (Option - 004)
    • Role / PositionTechnician
  • Module Package C

    • IECEx CoPC Unit Ex001, 007, 008 (Option - 004)
    • Role / PositionInspector, Maintenance
  • Module Package D

    • IECEx CoPC Unit Ex001, 003, 004, 006, 007, 008
    • Role / PositionTechnician + Inspector
  • Module Package E

    • IECEx CoPC Unit Ex001, 002, 003, 004, 006, 007, 008, 009
    • Role / PositionEngineer - Supervisor, Field Engineer
  • Module Package F

    • IECEx CoPC Unit Ex001, 009
    • Role / PositionEngineer - Designer
  • Module Package G

    • IECEx CoPC Unit Ex001, 002
    • Role / PositionEngineer - Hazardous Area Classification
  • Module Package H

    • IECEx CoPC Unit Ex001, 002, 009
    • Role / PositionEngineer - Design & Classification
  • Module Package I

    • IECEx CoPC Unit Ex001, 005
    • Role / PositionRepair Facility - Responsible Person
  • Module Package J

    • IECEx CoPC Unit Ex005
    • Role / PositionRepair Facility - Repairer
  • Module Package K

    • IECEx CoPC Unit Ex001, 002, 003, 004, 006, 007, 008, 009
    • Role / PositionPerson w/ Executive Function = Engineer + Technician + Inspector
  • Module Package L

    • IECEx CoPC Unit ExAll (001 to 010)
    • Role / PositionEx Expert
  • Module Package M

    • IECEx CoPC Unit Ex001, 002, 008, 009, 010
    • Role / PositionResponsible Person SUE (Subject Matter Expert), AHJ (Authority Holding Jurisdiction)
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