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Gases, vapors, mists and dusts can all form explosive atmospheres with air. Hazardous area classification is used to identify places where, because of the potential for an explosive atmosphere, special precautions over sources of ignition are needed to prevent fires and explosions.

Hazardous area classification should be carried out to identify places (or areas) where controls over ignition sources are needed and also those places where they are not. Hazardous areas are further classified in Zones which distinguish between places that have a high chance of an explosive atmosphere occurring and those places where an explosive atmosphere may only occur occasionally or in abnormal circumstances.


  • hazardous area classification (HAC) is mandatory
  • we do it according to
    • IEC 60079-10-1 (gas) and -10-2 (dust),
    • Model code of safe Practice Part 15 - IP15,
    • IGEM/SR/25,
    • API RP 505
    • and many more industry specificic standards…

Phase 1

  • please fill out the input checklist and send it to hac@hac-online.com
  • please send process description, and P&ID
  • our pHAC expert will provide you a preliminary HAC (pHAC) for your convenience
  • pHAC shall be a good basis for your project

Phase 2

In case of project is finished you shall provide the final data of your project again like:

  • please fill out the questionnaire and send it to hac@hac-online.com
  • our HAC expert will provide you a final HAC (fHAC) for your convenience
  • fHAC shall be kept for your files (Verification Dossier, EPD)

All for your convenience. All terms and conditions will be sent in separate mail.

HAC shall be a good basis for your overall safety.

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